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Just got mine on. Looks great and what an improvement! Cool key chain as well! Thanks again Sal!!


HOLY SHIT!!! So after a little debacle with USPS and shipping and damn near losing my rocker blades they arrived this evening. I spent the 10 mins putting them on myself and then another 20 minutes screwing them in. Man do they look SICK!!! If you ever get the opportunity to buy from Sal (Black Moon) you couldn't ask for a better transaction!!! When my blades did not arrive when promised he offered to refund my money and send me new blades. Of course none of that was necessary, and I told him absolutely not, let's give it a few days. Here we are 5 days later and I couldn't be happier!!! Full price and all and lets be honest he could clearly be selling these for more than what any of us have paid for them!!! So all in all I couldn't be happier and they looking GREAT!!!


Finally got the time to install my rocker blades. And must say, from the second I got in contact with Sal. To when they arrived at my house. I couldn't ask for a more well organized and professional experience. Does a great job at keeping you informed, ships'em quick. Packaged very well, printed instructions, even threw in a V keychain. This is the kind of experience you would expect from an established company. So props to you man and last but not least, the actual rocker blades are amazing. Gives the car a nice subtle change but nothing to crazy. And the carbon wrap was done very well. Couldn't ask for anything more, now go and buy yourself a pair!

Garrett earnest

They are subtle enough that they honestly look like they should have come from the factory. They are not gaudy and do not look like something aftermarket.


Thanks again Sal, they came in today and the make of these are flawless!

Chief holley