Do your products have a warranty?

Although I have never officially stated a warranty I stand behind my products and my workmanship for one year and longer on a case per case basis. The warranty does not cover improper care or damage from foreign objects or abuse.

What material are your products made from?

The splitter and rocker blades are made from a closed cell rigid PVC.


How long before I get my order?

We keep everything in stock and most orders ship the same day depending on when the order is placed.

Do I need to remove my front bumper to install the splitter?

There are 2 methods to install the splitter with one being for speeds exceeding 175. If the ‘high speed’ hardware is used then it’s necessary to pull the bumper. If the clips are used then it can be done either way. If you’ll look at the instructions to remove a bumper it’s much easier than you would think and generally only takes 20 minutes.

How are the rocker blades installed?

The blades come pre-drilled. Screws and instructions are included. I highly recommend using 3M/Scotch ‘Extreme Duty’ double stick tape in addition to the supplied screws. If you order the blades wrapped then the tape will be already applied for you.

I misplaced my installation instructions, where can I get another copy?

For bumper removal instructions please click HERE

For splitter installation instructions please click HERE

For rocker blade installation instructions click HERE